Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Regatta / Phaedo3 crosses RORC Caribbean 600 finish line first breaking his record from last year

Another great year for Lloyd Thornburg and his crew on Phaedo3 have come across the line of the RORC Caribbean 600 first, breaking their record time from last year. This year they did the course in 31 hours 59 minutes and 4 seconds! Tony Lawson's MOD70 Concise 10, skippered by Ned Collier Wakefield was just 9mins 52seconds behind.

Lloyd Thornburg, Owner/Skipper Phaedo3: “Since we set the record last year we have got a lot better; our manoeuvres are improved and we are sailing a better course. We made a few mistakes out there which we will correct next time but this is the best group of sailors I have sailed with. There is nobody I would rather sail with than this group of guys; I am so happy. We weren't thinking about the record at any stage because we were so focused on match racing Concise. We had to dig deep and they were doing the same and they gave us a hell of a race. We were nervous and never comfortable.

Phaedo3 Crew: Lloyd Thornburg (Owner/Skipper), Brian Thompson (Co-Skipper), Miles Seddon, Robert Greenhalgh, Sam Goodchild, Paul Allen, Pete Cumming, Damian Foxhall.

Concise 10 Crew: Ned Collier Wakefield (Skipper), Thomas Dawson, Michel Desjoyeaux, Paul Larsen, Jonny Malbon, Tom Smedley, Martin Watts, Jackson Bouttell.

From Rachel Jaspersen and RORC