Thursday, February 8, 2018

Record / Less than 600 miles to the Equator for Giovanni Soldini and Maserati

After a brief slowdown this morning at dawn, Maserati Multi 70 is back again at full speed on its route towards the West African coast at more than 28 knots of speed in a South wind blowing between 14 and 17 knots.

Credit : Pitsfoto

A morning break that allowed the trimaran's crew to take care of the clothing as told Soldini: "It's laundry day, we washed our shirts with sea water then rinsed with a little fresh water (produced on board with the watermaker, Ed.). Today the wind should come back and get more stabilized, now we have 8, 9 knots. We shall be patient". Patience rewarded: the wind has arrived a few hours later.

This morning at the 8:30 UTC rankings, Maserati Multi 70 is 1813 miles ahead of the record holder. The equator is less than 600 nautical miles away, 4254 until the finish line.