Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Record / Guo Chuan sets sail to challenge solo nonstop trans-Pacific world record

Chinese mariner Guo Chuan set sail to challenge solo non-stop trans-Pacific world record on 18 October, departing from San Francisco for Shanghai. The super trimaran Qingdao China, named after Guo Chuan's hometown Qingdao, a port city of China as the capital of Chinese sailing sport, crossed the start line underneath the famous Golden Gate Bridge at 14:24:11 PDT (22:24:11 GMT) to start the extreme world record attempt.

Crédit : Guo Chuan

Peter Hogg, local San Francisco Bay Area sailor came to see Guo Chuan off before his departure. In 1992, Peter broke legendary French sailor Eric Tabarly's trans-Pacific record (from San Francisco to Tokyo) in his 40’ trimaran, Aotea, in 34 days 6 hours. He is impressed by Guo Chuan's determination and intelligence and wished him fair wind.

The weather in San Francisco was perfect for Guo's departure. Bathed in sunlight, Guo piloted Qingdao towards the start line at the Golden Gate Bridge in relaxed but excited mood.

We have been working hard for the past two weeks to refit the boat and finally today I am going to set sail. I am pleased that Qingdao is fully prepared. I am very confident to go now. See you in Shanghai within 20 days", Guo said before leaving the pontoon.

Around 14:15 PDT, Qingdao arrived at the race start waters. 14:24:11 PDT (22:24:11 GMT), World Sailing Speed Record Council officially declared the start of Guo Chuan’s solo nonstop trans-Pacific world record challenge when Qingdao crossed the start line underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Guo and his beloved trimaran gradually vanished into boundless sea.

Ahead is an exciting voyage of about 7000nm for Guo, which he hopes to complete in 18 days.

A first solo non-stop trans-Pacific world record is expected to be set for the route between San Francisco and Shanghai. Guo is determined to break the current speed record of 21 days, set by Giovanni Soldini and his crew on board the turboed VO70 Maserati in 2015.

Guo Chuan holds two world record for sailing. One is the 40ft solo non-stop circumnavigation world record set in 2013. The other is the Arctic Ocean Northeast Passage non-stop sailing world record set in 2015.

As the Chinese "Peace Champion" of "Peace and Sport", Guo will carry and spread the message of Sino-American friendship throughout the voyage, making it a journey to promote the sailing and marine culture exchanges between USA and China as well.

From Guo Chuan