Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Record / Guo Chuan will set sail tomorrow to challenge transpacific world record

Chinese mariner Guo Chuan will set sail of his trimaran Qingdao China tomorrow, aiming to set a new solo non-stop trans-Pacific sailing world record from San Francisco to Shanghai. Officials from Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco visited Guo Chuan today and sent their best wishes.

Crédit : Guo Chuan

The attempt is about 7000nms and expected to be completed within 20 days. The current trans-Pacific speed record is 21 days, set by Giovanni Soldini and his crew on board the turboed VO70 Maserati in 2015.

For the past two weeks, Guo Chuan Racing team examined and reconditioned the boat thoroughly. On 12 October, Guo Chuan did a sea trial in San Francisco Bay and it went very well.

"Now everything is almost ready for the solo trans-Pacific world record challenge. I feel very excited and confident", Guo Chuan said at a media briefing today.

This is not only a world record challenge voyage, but also a journey to promote the sailing and marine culture exchanges between USA and China.

"China and USA are two nations linked by the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco and Shanghai are sister cities across the Pacific Ocean. As the Chinese 'Peace Champion' of 'Peace and Sport', I will carry and spread the message of Sino-American friendship and promote the marine culture exchanges between the two nations throughout the journey."

Guo Chuan holds two world record for sailing. One is the 40ft solo non-stop circumnavigation world record set in 2013. The other is the Arctic Ocean Northeast Passage non-stop sailing world record set in 2015.

From Chuan Guo Sailing